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In SWFL air conditioning isn't a luxury its a necessity. Homeowner's aren't always financially prepared to invest in a new system and less than perfect credit may limit your possibility to get approved for financing. EC Air Pro offers you a financial option to replace your air conditioning unit through Microf. Contact us if you have any questions about the lease-to own program they offer. Click on the Microf logo below to take you directly to the application page.


Microf's rent-to-own strategy is the perfect solution. We can assure you a quick response, an affordable monthly payment and unparalleled customer care. Microf’s program is designed for Homeowners that have an active bank account, homeowners insurance, and a steady source of income.

5 Things to know
  1. Specialize in Lease purchase options for residential replacement HVAC systems

  2. Simple application process

  3. Near-real-time Pre-approval, Further review or decline decision

  4. Convenient  and affordable monthly renewal payment options based on 36, 48 or 60 months to ownership

  5. Customers can take advantage of meaningful monthly payment and early purchase option discount

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