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PACE Financing

          Air conditioning is a not a luxury but a necessity when you are a resident of South West Florida. Sadly though not everyone can afford air conditioning replacement. Air conditioning is one of the generously priced investments we make into our home. It is because of the price that many people cannot stay cool with optimal air conditioners. If this situation sounds familiar to you, worry no longer as EC Air Pro, your friendly regional Air Conditioning service is proud to introduce their partnership with PACE providers.

What is PACE?​
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          PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy which is basically a program that allows homeowners to finance eligible home improvements as assessment paid by a voluntary assessment on the homeowner's property tax bills. These voluntary assessments can be paid off over a term of 5-20 years. What this means in terms of payments is that instead of having to pay the full price of a service at once, the payment can be spread across yearly payments that can span between 5-20 years.

How does PACE work?

          PACE is actually a program enacted throughout different third-party admin that has an agreement with your city or county office to finance the project. These third-party companies basically act as private sources of capital for customers and fund the projects. The debt is then attached to the property as a voluntary assessment during the agreed term. Your yearly payment on your property taxes to the tax collector will pay back the agreed upon portion.

Which third-party admin should I use?

          In PACE there are many major third-party admins that could be approved by your city or county tax collectors office depending on where you live. EC Air Pro is proud to be partnered with many different financing companies. It is up to you as the consumer to choose which provider is the right choice for you and find which provider will help you based on your location. Please contact us for more information.


          Thanks to PACE EC Air Pro is happy to serve your air conditioning services to a larger variety of customers than ever before. If you would like more information links to each provider’s website partnered with EC Air Pro will be provided below.

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